Royal Garden
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Royal Garden
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Rising Daughters of the King
Royal Garden!



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I am Royalty

Because I belong to You

You are the King of Kings

And the Lord of Lords.

I may walk with You

In Your Royal Garden


@Beloved Daughter










I am Royalty in a Royal Garden






  I am Royalty - The Anthem


I can hear the footsteps of my king

I can hear his heartbeat beckoning

In my darkness

he has set me free

Now I hear the Spirit calling me

He's calling "Wake up child, it's your time to shine

You were born for such a time as this"

I can hear a holy rumbling I've begun the preahing of the king

Loosing chains and breaking down the walls

I wanna hear the father when he calls
This is the anthem of our generation

Here we are, God, shake our nation

All we need is your love You captivate me
I am royalty I have destiny

I have been set free

I'm gonna shape history

I'm gonna change the world

I'm gonna change the world



Jake Hamilton



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